Like, when its marked expired its automatically transferred to an 'Exipired Deals Discussion Forum'?
If yeh - very good idea.


I suggested this a while ago and apparently they can't move from deals and freebies to any of the other boards, something to do with the links in them, i see if i can find it or you

Soz cant find it :oops:

MSEesque "Gone but not forgotton"?

Admitedly HUKD could very easily become the multi branch/subforum mess that is the MSE forums.

And in the past I've wanted seperate/dedicated forums.

But I'm glad now, they haven't added any and it's kept it's original simplicity

The problem with the "simplicity" is that the deals section gets totally cluttered with all sorts of irrelevant stuff - from expired deals to threads that have degenerated into petty arguments, to posts that should be in Misc forum.....

I think a couple of additional forums in the update would be useful, such as a help forum and a tips forum - and keep the deals forum for active deals.

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i want it to be simple as well but right now its too simple. i dont like the mse layout its too cluttered.

how about a supermarket section aswell:-D :giggle:

i agree with a seperate section, as does get a bit messy with expired deals and deals mixed, sometimes its easy to miss a good deal, as if between expired deals not alweays easy to see, imo.

that sounded like a load of cods wallop but hope you can get what i am trying to say :oops:


how about a supermarket section aswell:-D :giggle:

What a brilliant idea, wish i'd thought of it :lol:
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