nobody minds change as long as it is easier than previous.

this is awful and will put people of the site not bring them in. I for one wont be able to navigate this site easily as the way i used it before is not there or mixed up with something else.

"if its not broken then dont fix it"

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very angry way to start the day

People do like change if it is an improvement. Where is the improvement?
My post "The New Look" shows a lot of members do not like this change.

More comments on the thread HORRENDOUS !!!

Apart from the OP in this thread I have not seen 1 person that likes it yet, if the new layout of the forums had a vote button it would be -400 by now I reckon.

i dont mind the design but its not working well with my firefox !

i, for one, think it's great.

all you others - bah humbug!

when did 10 year old start designing this site? lol and firefox really doesn't like it

OOOO things just changed and now looks ok wonder if there were some bugs

if i COULD vote i would vote COLD!!!

The server is struggling I think - it's sporadically returning a 404 for the CSS Stylesheet, so the styles aren't showing.

Also, you removed main.html from the old design, that people would've bookmarked. So you get a 404 there. Probably a good idea to redirect that to the homepage...

YEEEE HAAAA Cowboys! why change? was fine before and everyone liked it. If it aint broke dont fix it


Using FireFox 2.10 and it is a disaster! The text is all over the place and can't see the options on the left as they are overlaying the forum threads.:?

Crikey - wondered what was going on when I logged in this morning. !:?

Sorry - new website doesnt do it for me and seems really difficult to navigate. Mebbe take a bit of getting used to??. I dont even know if this is going where I intended. ! Text size and graphics are poor.

A little bit of warning would have been nice admin, although I thought the previous set out was really distinctive and easy.

I know you probably cannot go back, but I hope you give the designers a bit of a rocket.

"deal anarchy from the masses" (????) - Sounds like something from the punk era

Hmm I'm using Firefox but I don't have any problems with the layout.

The problems I have are the new designs! The old site was much better!

I still like the old website layout.
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