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If anyone finds the code to get sale prices at next online before the … If anyone finds the code to get sale prices at next online before the sale starts, please let us know.Thanks

HI, the next sale does not start online until 27th december, but i have the code so you can shop at the sale prices now. What you need to do is...

1,go to this site search.next.co.uk/sea…sal e=on& and write down a list of the items you wnat, write down the cat numbers. | 2, log in and go to quickshop | 3, enter all of the cat numbers, replacing the last 3 digits with GP4 this will let you have them for the sale prices.

1) The next online sale officially starts on the 27th dec at 10am.
2) Next send random people an invite to have a VIP slot.
3) A VIP slot is a 30 minute pre booked time slot in which the person can view and buy the sale items before everyone else. The VIP slots start tomorrow.
4) You need an account to shop at the next online sale.
5) you enter the discount(free delivery) codes in the same box as when you sign in.
6) The code
7) This code allows anyone with an account to buy at the sale prices brfore the sale officially starts.
The code is usually 3 digits long.
9) To use the code, you need to sign in at [url]www.next.co.uk[/url] (remember any free delivery codes) And then go to quick shop.
10) Then you need to enter the catalouge numbers of the items you wish to buy. But you need to replace the last 3 digits of the cat number with the special code.
11) When you checkout it should have the items at the sale price.
12) If we have no code, the only way to buy at sale prices is to be picked for a VIP slot. Or wait til 27th December 10am.

3.75 discount at Next.Co.UK

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[SIZE=2]The one in the deals spread has expired already already tried it. Thanks though. x[/SIZE]

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