me too

likewise, I don't get emails from subscribed threads anymore either


I'm not getting them either,its really slowing down my flirting!

I've not been getting them for a long time, I incorrectly assumed the feature wasn't available any more.


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well if its been turned off its intermittently turned off, sometimes i get and sometimes i dont

Good lord,i've just received two email notifications about messages from last week!

Gawd,another 3,hope this won't go on all night arrghhh

Upto 5 now !!

Ive just had another 16 pmsl !!

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yep me too

yes mine are all now coming through thick and fast to my email account! For a moment there I thought I had become popular

Sorry to raise a 'thread from the dead' but I've had this problem a while now. That is, I'm only getting sporadic emails from HUKD with regards to new deals. I may get about 15 here, 15 there about twice a day. Sometimes once a day and other times none at all?

I take it there is some bandwidth issue with HUKD? Also possible that some routers are classing it as a spamming device due to the sheer amount of emails coming from the same source?

i never get any mails from hukd since december i think
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