If the t&c's state that they are non transferable, then they won't be permitted. Tickets as a general rule have to be in hand before listing.


There's already a rule covering non transferable items, and Olympic Tickets do not appear to have the permission granted for further resale, therefore we won't be entertaining them, nor do we have to expand the rules further,
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For people that do have spare tickets there will be an official site where they can be re-sold - this is from the Q & A on the BBC news website.

What if I have applied for too many tickets or can no longer go to an event I have a ticket for?
London 2012 have said they will provide a "very simple, very clear, very efficient" system for people with unwanted tickets to resell them at face value.

It looks like selling elsewhere may be illegal olympic ticket touts face fine
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They've raised the fine from £5,000 to £20,000 for touting Olympic tickets. Good job.



I expect corporate tickets and ticket agencies will be exempt from this.

No doubt..............fancy a new venture next summer?

It's illegal to re-sell them - you can sell them back to 'London 2012' for face value
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