]Newcomers advice on HotUKDeals & general forum usage

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Reputation[/COLOR][/SIZE] You click on the … [SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Reputation[/COLOR][/SIZE] You click on the button underneath somebody's username if you find their post helpful. You are encouraged to spread it around as much as you like. When you click on the button you can leave positive rep (for helpful deals and things which have helped). You can also leave a comment. Reputation is anonymous; however the recipient of the reputation will be able to see the comment and which post was made.You can view your reputation points and comments people have left for you >> ]HERE ]"Control Panel" near the top right of the forum. The most recent 10 comments are available for view, and the total points are in the top right of the rep area. What the different coloured boxes mean: Orange lights in your rep mean that you have received positive reputation from someone with a positive reputation score. This will have increased your points. Grey lights are also positive rep, but have been given by someone with no reputation, and therefore does not have the ability to affect your reputation score. This will have had no effect on your points. When you give out rep, it is not a set amount. The more you have, the more you give with a single click.

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]Newcomers advice on HotUKDeals & general forum usage:)

Many thanks Sigma! I understand now! One final question - is there any difference between the red and orange colours? Or is it just when somebody gets a certain amount of rep, the orange dots turn to red from that point on?

yes, just signifys the heat I think


The more rep points you get the more dots you have & once you've reached a certain level the dots change colour from orange to red to represent the higher rep. We used to have rep tables but now the Rep dots tend to signify that you will have a higher deal vote temp etc especially if you've posted some hot deals as well
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