yh i agree.

I'd have to agree too


Any deal price except in some kind of exceptional cases should be the actual price out of your pocket. If someone wants they should put the other price in parantheses. so like mobile £20 (inc £10 credit). or for Boots blah for £25 (£20 after points value)

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Most ignore any replies about editing the title and/or price to include mandatory credit though and to mention any quidco OUTSIDE of any cost.


We cannot "force" anyone to do this... but it's about educating people about the way things should be shown. I know it sometimes feels like you're hitting your head against a brick wall when you try and mention things like this in replies, but people do take heed of it... (I hope!)

E.g. Saying, "Thread title would be more infomative if you wrote... 'Samsung e900 for £xx when you purchase£xx credit...' " etc

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Saint emma, I wish I had your patience

Forced was the wrong word to use there, given a ********** when good advice is ignored?

i find that some of the retailers site are a bit misleading regarding that too

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The retailers can be cheeky but they do put in small print that it's added on and most PAYG phones force you to get credit, my gripe is on HUKD deals listed the title is vague and doesn't include the price with credit etc, it's just ignorant and inconsiderate really.

More cheeky is that credit is 100% unrefundable, so while you can get a refund on the phone you cannot on the credit, you've bought that whether you like it or not and sometimes you can give back the sim card pack etc with the phone and the retailer takes it denying you the credit after the refund.
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