Admin does. If you buy something through HotUKDeals rather than QuidCo, other cashback site or from a plain link then HUKD earns a little bit of money. This is used to pay for the expensive server (which will soon turn into two expensive servers at the rate we're headed!!).

I suppose you could say it's the sites you buy from. They all have a marketing budget, out of which they pay affiliate commission to sites like us.

This means if you see a deal here, click through to it at currys for example, and buy it, HUKD gets a small percentage. And I mean a very small percentage here....

But it's those clicks that keep Admin able to run the servers, and keep the site running the way it is today.

Hope I've explained that ok, maybe the other mods can add to it too.

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Thank you, the money I've saved on this site, not to mention all the freebies, I could give you some money, I know of one site that asks for donations, it did last time I was on it about 6 months ago.

Do high posters have the ability to edit all posts and add images, I can't do this to other peoples posts, only mine.

No, only mods have those powers.

And thanks for the offer, but I don't think we need to start taking donations...yet!! LOL

As Emma says, we don't need donations at the moment. The server costs are currently covered by the link money. As I said, the server costs will probably incerease as we get more members but hopefully that'll mean more link money, so it should all get covered in the end.

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If you get money by people going through the link on this site, I feel bad mentioning quidco know, sorry.

Hey AM999,

We're all here to share info and get the best deals possible. As long as things don't get too out of balance then it's all ok. Right now I think things are more or less in balance

The best way you can help out the site is to share any deals you have found and help others find deals! Also telling more people about the site is a huge help

Feel free to mention quidco, we're concerned for the best deals for you, and it's your choice if you want to go through quidco or not.

Look how many users here use quidco... you're not the only one!!

What so in other words, HUKD works in the same way as quidco?
When we purhase through quidco it tracks on our account, when we puchase directly from the "go to deal" button, does that mean it tracks for paul somewhere on these parts?

[SIZE=2]a little donation button would go a miss ? its dead simple to create one if you have a paypal addy and people can pay thru that !![/SIZE]
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