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What's thought of as "stupid" by one person, isn't to another.

The Chelsea catalogue example you've quoted could have a price tag normally, as some mail order catalogues do [Next Directory I think does?]. So it is a freebie, just not an interest to everyone.

The thing is, you can choose not to read posts that don't interest you, like I did with the Chelsea one at first [not my team :pirate:].

I agree with rayman on this, people tend to describe the freebie in the title so i just browse through and only read the ones that are of interest to me

I agree... just read the titles, I only every read about 25% of the posts on the site. Just to correct you though Rayman, the NEXT directory is FREE. I ordered the CD version to save space, but when I got it they sent the full directory AS WELL!! Now I'm stuck with it. I'll have to use it as duck nesting, LOL.

Thanks for the correction Was it always free, or did I imagine you had to buy it at some point? Or perhaps it was postage to to get it delivered :roll: anyway, you know what I mean :wink:

i also agree... sometimes i've even not read something because of the title and then realised too late that it could have been useful so when i have time i try and go through all the posts!!
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