Hi Colin, The general rule of thumb is UK based Business Seller with over 1000 feedback averaging 95%+ Positive feedback

Same applies for Amazon Marketplace sellers also.


ThanksHow come this hong kong seller is allowed?

Because the Item is located in the UK.



http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/psp-go-explore-nav-gps-for-psp-25-sony-ebay-outlet-1117549how is that seller allowed?

With ebay and other marketplace retailers we normally permit established sellers (eg merchants whom we already allow on site, Argos, House of Fraser for example) and sellers with strong and well established trading feedback.

As the ebay seller here is actually SonyUK : stores.ebay.co.uk/uk-…erm

Sony Europe Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with … Sony Europe Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 2422874. The company has its registered office at The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0XW, United Kingdom. Branch: Da Vincilaan 7 - D1, 1935 Zaventem, Belgium; VAT number BE0452161045. Account number at Targo Bank: 12652730 (IBAN: GB63CITI18500812652730, BIC: CITIGB2L. Sony can be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone on the telephone numbers provided on Sony's websites.

then they fall under current listing criteria as they are already an established UK retailer and an existing HUKD merchant in their own right. Hope that helps clarify further but if you ever feel that a marketplace seller possibly requires further MOD review (on ebay, amazon marketplace, playtrade) then please report the thread and we are very grateful to members who highlight sellers who may not meet listing criteria.


Afternoon, Col.

Worth mentioning again I think that those figures are only very loose guidelines, we also take into consideration how long they've been active, where else they list, whether they have a company number so we can look into their trade history.. that sort of thing. I saw the 2000+ comment over in the Irish feedback thread, we generally use the guidelines above and in this case we added that seller's main store

We're still very much in test phase with this (allowing marketplace / Ebay) and so we're still working by trial and error. We added Ebay and Marketplace following feedback and multiple requests from the community but we need to keep that balance of allowing enough sellers so posters can share deals they've found, and contributors can keep finding decent offers, whilst not opening the floodgates to absolutely every seller on Ebay.
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It's a tricky one really..with standalone merchants it's fairly black and white which are sole traders and which aren't, and although we would initially remove new merchants if they weren't registered as a company, members could of course appeal and we may review that merchant, whether a sole trader or not. We'd look into feedback and reviews and look for any details elsewhere (such as looking into the site registrant's trading or directorial history for example)

If everything checked out then we might consider adding that merchant and the same goes for Ebay sellers really.
If a listing is posted and we can't find any external information on the business, or it's registered to a sole trader with minimum sales feedback then that's obviously not ideal, so we'd be less likely to add that specific Ebay listing. Again though, if members had supported or recommended the addition of that seller, or if we were content with their aftersales reviews, or if their sales history through marketplace sites looked solid then we see no reason not to allow members to share those deals.


If there is a thread in Feedback where all the relevant information is held I think it makes sense to lock the additional request thread so you have one for guidance instead of two which need to be cross-referenced.

How much feedback should they have for the previous 12 months?



How much feedback should they have for the previous 12 months?

We tend to look at a number of things and not just the feedback itself. Things such as when incorporated or 'member since', location, feedback held elsewhere etc.

Was there something in particular you wanted us to consider?
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