I get this as well...if you refresh or click on the deal it then changes...but it looks like its done nothing whatsoever....its annoying but I suppose as long as the numbers are changing its ok

Or sometimes people are clicking the opposite way at the same time

'When I add heat to any deals they remain at the original figure. The colour fades etc as if I have upped the figure, but it stays the same.'

I am getting this as well - have tried on at least 3 and done the refresh thing as well & getting nothing! Just reported it (only started this evening) ... I don't liiikkkkeeee iiiittttt!

LIke you, the arrows are greying out as if I have voted, but no change in temp...

Can you try in another browser and see if it works? E.g. Download firefox or opera.

If it works in another browser, it means something in the settings of your original browser is affecting it.

Ok I am now using firefox as suggested and I have all my powers back - phew!
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