1. It wasnt me. :lol:
2. I always put my name on leaving rep.
3. I wouldnt bother too much as they have added to your rep.

I think they name should be left with the Rep, I also find this frustrating and would like to see who the rep left was from.....

Why isn't the name left? Surely if your going to leave rep you should want your name to be seen?

I leave my name beside it when I leave it ;-)

i think peoples names should show up on rep coz it REALLY annoys me when i don't know who it's from :roll:

Hmmmmm? You know what - Have some

AND tell you what also, I will leave my name as well, as guess what?

You have just told me something I didn't realise, I am frequently doing this - not even realising that nobody will know....

As in I don't Rep and then look back at it - or expect it back if you know what I mean?

But I didn't realise that all of the time I have done this the individual(s) didn't even know t'was lil meee that left it - so here you go some WELL DESERVED REP!



I don't care about the rep points thing, it doesn't really mean anything, … I don't care about the rep points thing, it doesn't really mean anything, it's just some peeps leave really nice rep, which i would like to rep back for, yes i know, rep circles yadayadayada, but today, like I say, I received sarky rep anonymously, which I'd like to be able to retort to, that's all:) But I can't, and that is why I would like to see usernames added automatically!!! Personally if I wanna say something sarky I put it in the thread, but some peeps are too cowardly to do this and a certain someone decided to do it "off screen" today - prob someone i "know" well on here having a joke, but nonetheless, just thought i'd ask other peeps opinions.

Totally agree. Hope the mods get them for you but I dont think they will the info on.


.......but when it comes to rep!!! Serious stuff, i try and take it with … .......but when it comes to rep!!! Serious stuff, i try and take it with the old pinch of salt, but rep is serious man!!!!


I don't care about the rep points thing, it doesn't really mean … I don't care about the rep points thing, it doesn't really mean anything......

Now I'm no Oxford graduate here but either you smokin some strong **** over there, or I've been watchin Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas too many times..... :thumbsup:

I've wondered this too - i always leave my name anyway but it would be nice to know who's left it for me, if nothing else but to return the gesture. Wouldn't be too bothered bout the sarky comment hun, plenty of peeps on here that love ya!

Why isn't your username added to rep?

What do you, HUKD members, think on this?


thanx, let's keep this circle going:thumbsup:



lol, good old thesaint, wouldn't be feedback without you:thumbsup:

I run dis ere forum.


question is, did you, have you?:)

Why would I leave you rep like that? I rarely rep, and definitely don't leave that sort of rep.
In any case, I am fine with you. You would make my top 10 "Misc'ers".

lol a mod removed my comment but cudnt b bothered to post in the thread rofl, reason why i dont like this thread star is, the rep system is majorly flawed as it is, admin has already admitted it....rep circles are everywhere, id say half of my rep have comments such as "haha that was funny...ps...rep me and ill rep u"

think it wud b better if u werent allow to put ur name after.....ull hear

"im one of the top members for rep"


that means that the person is in a rep circle.....FACT.....if a mod was to check the top 20 people on rep list and check what they put in their rep to others........im 99% sure that everyone of them will have the suggestion put to the person they are repping, that theyd like rep bk.

o btw sorry for posting like i did at start of ur thread, was thread spoiling, and stupid as i do have a view on ur question.

lol loved the rep begging joke....i loled

i think names should be added to rep, i just got a rep asking "what does this rep thing do?" there were several people on that thread so i dunno who i'm supposed to be replying to now

I added rep once for a laptop deal without leaving a name due to being in a hurry :oops: but definately not nasty or sarky rep.

BTW : who is that chap in your avatar pic star ? have tried to work it out for ages


Simon Pegg:thumbsup:Shaun of the dead?

Don't forget Spaced! Run Fatboy Run, Hot Fuzz.

Oh, I always put my name on rep.


Simon Pegg:thumbsup:Shaun of the dead?

I think the phrase ' you need to get out more ' applies but completely the other way round to me as in ' i need to stay in more ' . Never heard of Simon nor have i seen any of those shows . Sorry Simon if you are signed up on here :oops:

everyones rep is massive and mine is so tidgy =(
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