Might just be me here but I think the deals shown on the front-page … Might just be me here but I think the deals shown on the front-page should be restricted in length in some way - there are often deals with fourty odd lines of text (usually useful information but not necessary to help you decide if a deal is good or not). Is there a way so that only the first few lines could be displayed on the front page (or something similar) as this would look a lot neater (and would allow more deals to be shown). Just an idea :thumbsup:

Something similar has been mentioned before...

I'm not 100% certain on this, but I think the forthcoming site update may have a seperate box for specs and product descriptions when posting a deal. It's been mentioned by admin, so may be a feature coming sometime.

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Thats good. Perhaps the submit-deal form could have a 'short description' and also a 'extended description' for putting in more details.

I know people are just trying to help when the post extended details and specifications but it can make the front page really messy and makes it harder to read.

O/T but is this update just around the corner, or will it be a while yet? Last I heard it was going to be end of May...

Yes thanks jah128 - I think the way we are going to do it is just automatically strip out anything over x characters and then have a "View more" expand button. That way people don't have to post in yet another field when submitting deals. Does that sound ok?

Update is basically the backend is done, it is being optimised as I suspect it is going to crash the site if released as is with the kind of traffic we have right now. The last bit to be done is the front end stuff/caching/etc. The fundamentals of the site are remaining the same but the way the info is organised is going to be a little different in response to the growing request for sub-forums etc. We're not getitng sub-forums - we're just going to arrange navigation and such so that the categories are more accessible. That probably doesn't make much sense but you'll see what I mean when we get the beta ready.

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Sounds good, thanks for the response. Think the 'view more' option could work great - only possible problem is will this hide additional comments that are left in an edit after the original post (as these often contain really important info).

hmmm will think on that. More people need to use that function also. Maybe updates should be separate (hovering below) the main post.

Good idea OP ... and nice responces from Admin.

Looking forward to the new site.

Yes, mentioned by me a long time ago here. It does get tedious AND it is nealry always computer stuff it happens with!!

IMO you only need to give enought info for someone to become interested then they will click the deal for more info anyway

I think that a intro box, more details box and a specifications box on submit deal would be good... but I think the "read more" idea's probably a good one too.

I still hate the double line spacing every time you hit return...
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