Would like to post this thread cold .....but I can't.

All I want to know is how you find the latest posts I am lost on here at the moment.

i pity the fool that doesn't like the new site!

yep I want to keep it, makes a nice change!! and i have had no problems with it at all


All I want to know is how you find the latest posts I am lost on here at … All I want to know is how you find the latest posts I am lost on here at the moment.

If you used to click “filter” and view all new deals on the old forum, you can do that here too. You just have to customise it. So, from the home page, click “customise your settings” on the right hand side. In the forums list, select “deals” and click the plus symbol. You can also add the vouchers and freebies if you wish, this will show you the same deals as the old forum front page. Or customise it however you want.

Leave all the check boxes at their defaults, excepting perhaps the “temperature threshold” – you could change this to zero. Set your viewing preferences to “new” and click save at the bottom of the page. To view your results, click the “custom” tab at the top. Voila! All new deals in reverse chronological order!

P.S. Of course I vote to keep the new site.

Keep the new site! A change is as good as a rest.


This is a terrible site now I vote we get rid of it. Bring back the old website.


This is a terrible site now I vote we get rid of it. Bring back the old … This is a terrible site now I vote we get rid of it. Bring back the old website.

Thanks, you have effectively 'voted' for the new site by posting on this thread.

I quite like the new site's overall structure, details like the small text & nasty colours can be tweeked, but overall it looks an improvement.

I actually like the new site...
Ok it will take a little time to get used to....
but its better and has some new inprovements...
stop moaning people if you dont like it....then bye bye...
at least then more people will get a better chance of finding some hot deals!
Admin: any chance we can delete some whinging posts as they are getting on my nerves and Im fed up with the repetition...

Count me in :thumbsup:

I will give it a go but please keep on with the development work. I feel some bugs have crept into what used to be a very solid website!

1. Just trying to use bullet points here causes horrible script problems that didnt used to be!?!?!? I have had to manually put the numbering in!
2. I have problems remaining logged in with the site randomly chucking me off in between certain pages.
3. More work needs to go into the GUI. Consistency with fonts and font sizes is lacking and makes the site look a little amateurish.
4. The way the divs are layed out causes the site to look like it is not being drawn properly (well in ie anyway) for example the way the top two bars are horizontally aligned starting with All, Clothing, Computer etc...
These I have found after about 5 minutes on the site not to mention the issues with the site in Safari and Moz Firefox.

The stuff I do like....

1. New heat display on front page (Nice and clear and easy to read).
2. Better integration of forum and front end, although it took me a while to work out where the forum had gone.

So its a mixed review from me at the moment but I will stick with it for now :?

buhahaha, brown noser of the year award goes to the-jackle

Somehow I missed this post lol.


buhahaha, brown noser of the year award goes to the-jackle

I just really hope people keep posting the above sort of drivel because it just shows how ignorant some can be. Someone gets labelled as above just because they're not frightened to stand up and be counted. Goodness knows why this member thinks he can have his opinion and the OP isn't allowed his.
Of course the type of poster that posts this rubbish will be one of the firsts to advocate freedom of speech and democracy !
Always best to put your brain in gear before those typing fingers, eh ? !

With regards the new site I'm still struggling with a few things but I'm learning as quickly as I can. Some things I find easier and some a little harder. It might be an idea to point out that I am one of the older generation so computer and internet technology don't come as second nature. I do however love learning so this has been a good challenge !!

Overall I think once all the initial niggles are ironed out members will have just as good a site cosmetically as before but hopefully without the connection problems that were highly evident before.

On a final note, and apologies for the length of the post, I have to say how appalled I am by the actions of many HUKD'ers since the change. So many people jumping on a bandwagon without due cause,
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and at some stage we would all do things differently in our lives and careers. Thankfully though what normally happens when we make mistakes or dodgy decisions is that bosses, colleagues, friends and family rally round and help us put things right.
What I can't understand or believe is the way an awful lot of knowledgable members, members who have the skill to be able to understand and help those struggling, just sat back and did nothing or threw their toys out of the proverbial pram and stormed off.
Honestly not what I would have expected from members who have both given and taken so much. If that passion would have been used in the right way the transistion would have been a whole lot easier. It should be perfectly clear to all that it is in the members interests to make the site work as they gain just as much in the long run.

I think the Admin of this site would be the first to admit they would have done things differently given another chance. they will have learnt a valuable lesson and I wish them all the best.

I for one will continue to try and help wherever I can with the limited knowledge I have and if anyone wants to label me a "brown nose" or whatever then carry on. It's just not in my nature to kick someone when they're down.

I like the new site, although its different and took a wee bit of getting used to, i like it.

Was a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the changes at first and think the timing & method of implementation was a bit of a disaster.

However, now I'm lovin' it. :thumbsup:

Keep listening to the constructive feedback though coz there's still a lot of refining to be done.

Yup....I rather like it too,and like hottoshop,I am not as savvie as some but have got used to the changes and can find me way around,no problems........AND.....NO ERROR MESSAGES!!!!:-D

Timing sucked, if I knew admin in real life I'd go tut at him in a disapproving manner for rolling this out in the final shopping week before xmas and causing me stress!

But it's growing on me, criticism is being listened to and bugs are being ironed out constantly, the little splash of colour thats been added to the design makes all the difference and I am willing and able to give the new site a fair go

50/50 here. The new site is becoming easier to use but there's still loads of stuff I can't find. TBH so many members have left in the last week that i'm anticipating using the site less in the future. It's worrying that so many threads are being spammed up by muppets today; so whilst I think the new site may be OK, I think it may be pointless in the long run anyway...

I'm certainly getting to like the site, just the way it was switched over could have been handled better. Too many issues which are slowly getting sorted.

As long as the improvements continue (and there are still many) i'm sure it will be better in the long term.

Have to admint the forums don't seem to have the same feel anymore, seems too many people are avoiding the site, but they may return....

All Is Good With The New Site Now!
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