It was built from scratch more or less with adaptations on the default subsilver theme. Glad you like it I'll pass on the compliments to those responsible!

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Would they be interested in selling the theme code for it do you think?

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Or other than that, I'm just after a functional, simple and easy on the eye forum theme!

(Preferably with these pastel like colours, and retains the original subSilver layout)

No it's not for sale sorry.

If you just want to play with the colours it is very easy to do with the phpBB subsilver template. Just go into the admin panel and change the hex values for the various areas. That might do 90% of what you want to do...

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Ahh, I've semi tried that but with no luck, thanks anyway

I guess I'm destined to have awful phpBB themes forever! ;x

The other to edit the theme is to directly into the .css file and edit it in there. That gives you more flexibility but you'll have to have some grasp of css (it's simple and there's lots of tutorials on the net).

Moving this to Comments & Suggestions now...

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I've made a few sites using purely CSS and Divs so my CSS knowledge is actually none too shabby, I might attempt it one day but I honestly don't think it'll come out too well, certainly not a patch on this one anyway!
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