I thought about this ages ago, would it take up too much space if all of us put a picture up ?

great photo Emma, i honestly thought you looked like that :giggle: maybe a bit more hair tho

It doesn't take up any space as they would all be hosted on other sites like photobucket or imageshack. I don't think many peeps would want to put up piccys though...

But I'm sometimes walking along the street, and I think - any of these people could be HUKDers and they know me by reputation... but will never know me in reality...

well i think there should maybe be a pinned thread so it doesnt dissapear and we all stick our faces up,

Im now searching for a good photo lol
Come on emma get a good one up of you :-D

Everyone rub Emma's head for luck! lol

No I was only kidding with that pic. It's not me. It's my sister.

ok Admin can you do a pinned thread please so we can all put our photos up ?
Im game for a laugh lol

iv got a really funny one of me,....no its not dirty !! :-D

people on dial up or slow broadband will be waiting a long time to download the images if the whole page was full of large photos....

gud idea tho!!! but i dont think my ugly mug will be gettin posted haha

You can put a thread in misc musings and see who bites saxo_appeal. I don't think we quite need a pinned thread yet!

Oh go on Admin, it will prob go down in the list and be forgotten about (cry) no one will be able to see my handsome face, ill be washed away into the gutter.............anyway bak on topic Shheeeesh !

ok im going to start a new thread and see what happens, Emma tell your sis to take a photo of you if she can manage to hold the camera hehe

I think this is a good idea. On runnersworld.co.uk most people have pictures of themselves for their Avatar...


Emma tell your sis to take a photo of you if she can manage to hold the … Emma tell your sis to take a photo of you if she can manage to hold the camera hehe

OH the gift of opposable thumbs :-D

Ok thread started over in Misc, i can see it going down tho lol

thanks for deleting that thread emma.

oh here is mine you decide who I'm...


hehe which one is has more wrinkles more like ??

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hey edi....your kinda cute ! :giggle:

Yeh and what about the kid on the left ? hehe
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