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all 4 emails. delivery 13/10/06

4 All 4 emails. Delivery Friday 13th! Doh!


Delivery Sat 7th Oct

all 4 emails. delivery 08/10/06

5...all 4 emails, 8/10/06, this Saturday.....

Hold on, I'm an idiot. It says the delivery day is Saturday...not Thursday as I first thought.

How much of a pinhead am I....d'oh....

At least someone should be in the house by then....

Got all 4. Delivery on Sunday

10 had all 4 emails, order accepted+delivery Sunday 8th october

That'd make my order 11th
Delivery 13/10

all 4. delivery monday

All four emails, delivery 09/10/2006

All 4 emails, Delivery Sat 7th

All 4 del date is 7/10

all four, delivery was meant to be 08/10

All four for me too - delivery date is 09/10

All four, delivery set for October 9.

Yeah got all 4. Should be here Monday 9th..

all 4-mails + cancellation call

All 4 emails delivery for 8/10/06

All four e-mails, delivery this Saturday


Yes, All 4 emails and delivery for Saturday.

Got all 4 emails, delivery for saturday,

[SIZE="7"]22.[/SIZE][SIZE="2"] MONDAY 9TH OCTOBER!, 4 e-mails, no phone call yet. Gonna fight this one all the way! If they say it's out of stock just say you'll wait for it to come back in stock. They'd have to never sell this product again to get out of it.[/SIZE]

Looks like some people got in before me (posting this thread). I guess I am number 25.

Yeah, got all 4 emails, delivery for Saturday

All four for me too - delivery date is 09/10

Got all 4 emails, delivery arranged for Saturday

All 4 del date is 07/10/06

Guilty as charged - all 4 emails with 13/10/06 delivery and no cancellation call (yet).

Welcome to HUKD all the new members It's not normally this 'hectic' honest :whistling:

Four emails and delivery Monday.
No phone call yet but I say FIGHT :whistling:

I phoned up today about my delivery and time, a woman said that it had been cancelled and that everyone that bought the tv for £1 would have been cancelled as well so if you have not had a phone call that will not matter as thay have cancelled all orders for a £1 offer.

anyways i got all 4 emails to

hope we can still win this

oh she also said theres no way you would get it for a £1 but you can buy it for the proper price

I ordered, got all four emails, and just received a voicemail telling me they would not honour the contract.

I got all 4 e-mails - 02.10.2006.

hi all order yesterday 4 emails no phone call yet, im not answering the phone:whistling: delivery mon all day call!!!

All 4 emails for me 2...!

pdf reciept. Order noD000946962

Me too. delivery 9/10

All 4 del date is 7/10

All 4 emails, delivery date Monday 9th October, ignored withheld numbered calls so far!

All e-mails including PDF - Delivery date is 7th October 2006
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