Never seen the first bit,

the second bit I mentioned a while ago in another thread but deserves one of its own. Would be good to see a number back.

The second bit I've had problems with in the last week

I keep on getting a full mail box and not knowing, it would be helpful to have the number shown again.

I've never experienced the first issue.

The PM inbox and popup system is handled by vBulletin (the forum software, which also handles the rest of your control panel) so if there is any issue with a particular browser then it's not something that can be fixed by HUKD.

As for the second point, that would probably require the removal of the "voucher" link, or else it all overlaps and disappears in lower screen resolutions.

Would it be possible to change the message to say 'Inbox Full!' when someone has no PM space left - that shouldn't be much longer...

Is my voucher going to stay up there until:


I used it ages ago.
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