My dear Dino - i didn't realise you were so sensitive :lol:

Have you any suggestions for a replacement?

In my mind, dark bitter and twisted as it is, flaming is the term I would generally have applied. unless it refers to specific attacks on the thread.



(5) No thread spoiling. If you think a price is too high then don't buy … (5) No thread spoiling. If you think a price is too high then don't buy the item. Low ball offers should be made by pm and suggestions on a lower price can be pm'd also. HUKD members are pretty savvy and know to check out prices elsewhere (i.e. eBay) before buying.

D'oh :-o



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NO probs :grin:

Thread crapping is a generic term dino. I'm sure Admin wasn't trying to offend


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Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions.



[FONT=Arial narrow][SIZE=-1]vulgar slang[/SIZE][/FONT]
noun1 excrement; faeces. 2 nonsense; rubbish.
verb (crapped, crapping) defecate.
adjective extremely poor in quality.
[SIZE=-1]— DERIVATIVES[/SIZE] crappy [FONT=Arial narrow][SIZE=-1]adjective[/SIZE][/FONT]. [SIZE=-1]— ORIGIN[/SIZE] originally meaning ‘chaff’, later residue from rendering fat and dregs of beer: related to Dutch krappe

lol - a good point well made dino...

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Maybe it's me being to sensitive or maybe I've been posting on 'other' Forums for to long. :wink: :confused:

How about a vote on 't c' ??? :roll:
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