was it amazon market place? they are not allowed,check your pm's, a mod usually pm's to explain if your post is removed

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No it wasnt a marketplace seller it was Amazon selling as clearly stated in the posts i made

Had no PM's at all so dont know what im doing wrong

im sure a mod will read this and answer your quest,

Had it already been posted?

I've just asked Emma to pop over.


[SIZE=2]We had moved it to check it out. There have been loads of deals posted recently for amazon, and as you know we don't allow the marketplace ones here.[/SIZE]


I've moved it back though, as I can see amazon on the list. Personally, I don't like the way amazon have the layout for these deals. It's as if they don't even want to sell you the items.

Apologies if you did not receive a PM that your post was moved Deanos.

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No problems, thanks for the response :thumbsup:
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