hi the same here, don't worry as you will be charged the advertised price from priceminister. I think gzoop sell at amazon or somewhere else as well so there is the different price coming from

who cares...I ordered the same headphones with the £3 off code...and 6.99 was taken out of my account. If anymore was taken out then I could see your point but its just that their email is wrong.

Only thing is its been a week since I ordered and they're not here yet lol

It takes long time till you get your items, but I wouldn't complain beacause of the value

I've just had my money refunded by Priceminister as gzoop failed to send the socks I ordered a month ago.

I ordered something from gZoop and the description was wrong so i did not get what was described. I should have got 2 Blu-Ray films and it was only the one. They did offer me free postage to send it back but i couldn't be bothered.
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