looks like a technical error
Admin can sort this out

Delete your sent items


Delete your sent items

can't you read?

[SIZE=2]Ive never sent or recieved any messages![/SIZE]

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email sent to admin ....still cant use it at mo...



I thought id try to pm see if that sorted it, but it says your full :giggle:

that NEG rep was really necessary whoever did that?
show yourself

Do any exports if you want to keep any messages. And then click the empty folder link.


Do any exports if you want to keep any messages. And then click the empty … Do any exports if you want to keep any messages. And then click the empty folder link.

I've tried to 'export' my messages but I can't open them again.
I've been C&Ping them into 'word' and then deleting some but it's a right PITA.

worked for me as text

Download all Private Messages as
]XML | ]CSV | ]Text


worked for me as textDownload all Private Messages as :]XML | ]CSV | ]Text

Emma gave me a link to download something so I can download the emails in CSV but that did not work.
I'll try the Text later :thumbsup:

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Im still stuck as to what I can do...
Ive tried to download messages but it tells me
"You have no private messages to download"
I still have 51 of 50 messages allowed...
Ive never had any incoming messages or sent any pm's
so I havent stored them...

Re-tried deleting again but it says no messages to delete...



I had this problem when the new forums came online.

I had to manually use the check boxes to the right hand side of the page, then click delete using the drop down menu at the bottom right. Can you try that?

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Sorry I dont have any check boxes?
The only thing that i get is delete all messages in this folder and i do that but it says no messages anyway....Ive tried to look at all my messages but as theres 0 it comes up with none anyway, Ive got a screen shot of what i get but Im still at a loss at what Im supposed to do here.

Could you post a screenshot by PM?

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I cant do anything by Pm...Id have to email someone or they contact me via hotmail?

[COLOR=navy]Have you tried deleting by Empty Folder as this or from the check box to the right?[/COLOR]


[COLOR=navy]Or from the checkboxes and the Delete - Go button here?[/COLOR]


Did you check in your sentbox and all other folders as well? For me there were strange blank ones in my sentbox which needed manually deleted with the checkboxes.


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This is what I get on that screen..

When you actually go to the sent items section, does anything come up in the message list?

looks like a problems on website part not user error... Admin needs to sort it...

kimbo_frog gave me her password and I logged in as her to take a look. Something's not right, there was definitely nothing I could do. As steffcip says, admin needs to sort it. Did you PM him yet?

EDIT - silly question, !! PMs not working! I'll do it

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Cheers Emma!
I didnt think my blonde genes were that bad lol
At least I can tell my other half that!


I have this problem as well :-(

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Still got this prob!
Anyone ??

HELP please


I've notified admin who is aware of the issue and he realises it's not a user problem, but something behind the scenes, so there's nothing more we can do until he gets the chance to sort it out... sorry...

So emma... you have 1 or 2 PM's saved then! lol


So emma... you have 1 or 2 PM's saved then! lol

If I only had a 50 limit, I'd have to empty my inbox every other day. Us mods need plenty of PM power! We get 1000 limit :lol: I've had to have PM clearouts twice since we changed to the new forum.....

kimbo_frog, admin may have solved the problem now. You want to test it out? I'll PM you...!

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all fixed and fine now...

Thanx to everyone for being patient and helping me get sorted!

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