click on the activation email you where sent when joined, till then you cant post within a thread

Post reported!


I think if you click the edit password/email in the control panel, someone said you get sent a new activation email, it was mentioned a while back, will try to find the thread.



have replied to your pm with this

maybe you registered and slightly misspelt your email address, go into your control panel, edit email address and password, put in your new email address make sure it is right, then save changes it will re-send a new activation link to the new email address, sometimes in a rush we misspell, unless you have literally just joined it may take a few mins to get there, but try again

You should be able to post fine now as your account wasn't fully registered

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Damn, you guys are good

All sorted (but I guess you probably figured that...)



lol, and welcome to hukd :thumbsup:

also as a new member selling maybe a read here, will save you some hassle - lol


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Read the rules/guidelines for selling, so will make sure i stick to them.

I get the feeling that my mail server is dropping mails from HKUD, gonna root around the logs on the server and see if I can find out why.
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