Are the pm's in your sent folder,so they did defo get sent?

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The first one isnt because I deleted it, the others I have kept

Havent had a problem with any others (as far as I know!)

the codes are just a generic barcode from the packet tho? if anyone wants them ill list - dont even need to have the cook book offer on the pack....

worked for me....

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No, code printed inside the boxes, and they are different on different boxes (even of same type of product e.g. 2 x quorn pieces will have 2 different codes)

ah, well when i claimed/bought mine i simply chose the '2 bags' option - then inserted 2 barcodes (the ones they scan in the supermarket, same on every product of that type) and thats all what was needed.....

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This is why I posted this in misc rather than feedback, not had an answer here whereas a lot more people would of seen it on misc and posted
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