The site itself, past 2 days has been VERY slow, with some time-outs and 503 errors. Not just vouchers, but site wide

Yes guys, it's been very slow. The site has been experiencing very heavy traffic over the past few days, with the "most users online" record getting broken a few times every day.

I think admin has plans to solve the issues though...

Yeah, it's just because the site's grown so much that we can't manage everyone as well. If possibly try to avoid peak times. I know Admin is trying his best to put in temporary fixes and methods of reducing the load times until he can make some more major upgrades.

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Yeh its been running really slow, ok no probs as long as evryone knows about this :thumbsup:

Yeah we know, but thanks for your concern.

Apologies for the annoyance...

Doing the best we can to keep it up. It just keeps growing and every time I think well that extra 1GB of ram or whatever is going to help boom we get full up again of people.

Believe me we are spending a lot of time on optimising things to keep them up while we work on a larger solution!

Sorry, I missed this post. :oops:

Thanks for the update Paul. I cannot believe how popular this site has become recently, 10,212 members, that's amazing :thumbsup:

Great new smilies BTW :geek: :giggle: :thinking: :oops:
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