keep communicating and trying, some people are genuinly busy, but if you are concerned contact a Moderator. Go to the thread and click the hazard button(red triangle)....


give them a ring on the phone number you got from them


give them a ring on the phone number you got from them


you should have asked for pictures as well

use the contact details you got from them if you followed the rules

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i got pictures but no other information she said that she was an ebayer however i think it was a certificate that can be found online since looking again.

I do feel for you if you've had no contact but common sense is needed,the seller has zero feedback on here and only registered this month,its like walking upto a stranger in the street and giving them cash,you just wouldn't do it :-(

Although they haven't logged in since the 12th,so maybe when they do log in they can give you a tracking code.:thumbsup:



Member has claimed payment was reversed. You can continue dialogue in the original thread. (Thread jacking noted).


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