Never done that as I always use the preview button first. I did hit the CTRL W instead of ALT W when closing a link a couple of times. This also removes everything you've typed :lol:

Yup I've done the same thing steeev!

The trick is, if you do that, to hit the back button on your browser so you don't have to type everything again.

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the thing is, when i hit the back button on the browser, i return to the previous page, but the quick reply box is blank, im using firefox 0.92 by the way, maybe thats something to do with it

i dont take any shortcuts
i just do it normally

Now I'm REALLY puzzled :?

I can't even SEE a quick reply button!!!!!! All I can see is New Topic and Post Reply....

Where is the Quick Reply???

I have sometimes submitted rather than previewed but then I either use the browser back button, as it works on my browser, or I just click the edit option of the post, no harm done.
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