There's no catch. You click through your own personal QuidCo link, to purchase goods you would be buying anyway. The retailer pays a certain amount per trasnaction completed. Eventually the percentage paid in full to QuidCo, goes in full to your QuidCo account. QuidCo take the first £5 for adminstrative fees just the once per year. The rest of the money you earn is 100% yours as soon as it's shown as paid into your account.

You lose nothing, you gain from retailers who pay to attract your custom.

Most other cashback sites take around 50% of your click through earnings every time you make a purchase through their site.

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OK! thanks for explaining it all in simple terms

Guess I'll start buying through Quidco in future.

Just be prepared to wait a couple of months for the retailers to pay Quidco :lol:

And the reason why retailers agree to offering discounts via quidco?

Well, they are not really discounts. Online retailers will typically buy advertising space on other websites.

The cost of the advertising depends on the click-through rate.

It is a sort of referral fee. i.e. if you click on the "sponsor links" part of google when you run a search, google will earn money for "referring" you to the website.

Quidco earns the same money. Only, instead of keeping the referral money, it passes it back to you (after a small admin fee of £5 is paid).

I've had my first money back from them this week, and am on target for another £50+ payout next month - again, I still can't believe how much stuff I ordered without being a member *kicks self*
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