Grey square fb is from users with little or none themselves

I always thought that was rep off someone who has little or no rep ? not sure myself really

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ahh, right oh!

Why does is distinguish between the two?

The blue squares are rep from people who have not yet got any valuable rep themselves, so they cannot give any actual orange rep, with points. They are just repping you in a good way and probably don't even know that it's not got any value. They also probably think that their user name is automatically added when they give their rep, so haven't said who they are.

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Where Admin said this:
The advantage of putting rep in the profile is that it's meaningless... so people who get wound up and try to game it aren't actually gaming anything I'd love to put something related to hot deals in that space but I know it's only going to encourage cliques to try and game the temp which is so important to the site.

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Ahh I see, so you don't get any points for it, that makes sense! cheers
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