Seems to be the word "domain" -- somehow confusing the url location... is that the common thread with any other problems you've found?


yes it did for me too, but this isnt the problem ive been having

hahaha yea that's pretty messed up, i went to check comments and see how hot the deal woudl go and every time i clicked it after posting it it just went to the deals section on the forum. i even tried editing the message but it still wouldn't work i can't figure this one out its very strange.

It's like everything i should be a product tester as i manage to break everything without meaning to lol example at local bowling alley getting some lovely teddies for the girlfriend, i managed to make the claw bend right round grab its own cables and pull them out, everyone was in hysterics laughing even the mechanic couldn't work it out, then about 20 mins later another machine short-circuited on me for no reason, then 20 mins after that i broke a whole bowling lane, threw the ball fall force and for some really werid reason the baracade came down and when the ball hit it, it jamed the whole thing in.

Mechanic/Technician said he's gonna have to follow me around in future as everything breaks when i use it lol
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