It hasn't been removed, it's just not on the front page, it's still in the forum here:


I don't think ther'll be any chance of getting it though... we're all getting the same email.

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Oh - thanks emma - I looked on every page and did a search but couldn't find it :confused:

Thanks for letting me know!

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Opps - I know what I did now, I was searching the default "active" posts and it had been expired. Sorry about that, I'm still new... :oops:

No problemo If you need any help at any time, feel free to PM me. :thumbsup:


Red Dwarf Just the shows, Series 5,6,7 and 8 is £19.49 from CD WOW using a £1 Voucher.

As that's the cheapest on the web for that, why not submit it as a "product" deal eggman?


[SIZE=2]Nah! Emma - didn't think it hot enough - my son wants it so I'm watching it in hope it drops somewhere to a HOT deal. regards.[/SIZE]
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