ive never had a reply.

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Very frustrating... its like they just dismiss you....
I appreciate monitoring this website can be very demanding - but its just being polite to even acknowledge it.

Messages sent to Contact Us will receive a response where appropriate. They're all dealt with by the admin team. This is more appropriate for queries, especially those relating to your account.

Post reports are generally just for informing us that action is required. For example: closing threads, expiring deals, unexpiring deals, reporting duplicate deals, reporting spam, reporting suspected scammers, etc. These do not normally receive a response but are always acted on where we feel that it is appropriate, although sometimes action is only taken behind the scenes and the results might not be publicly visible.

EDIT: Found your report. It's something that needs to be dealt with by the admin team via Contact Us. Seeing as though this is an exceptionally sunny Sunday, it could be that these haven't yet been looked at.

I have sent you a PM on the matter. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Duck.
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