Your reputation is the little green square scale under you post count. The temperature of a post is for how popular that particular deal is to people. Your reputation shouldn't decrease at all.

]http://beta.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/reputation.gif is the button for giving reputation.

http://beta.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/reputation/reputation_pos.gif is the amount of reputation you have and if you hover your mouse pointer over it, there should be an explanation of your reputation so far.

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Yeah, maybe I phrased it badly...what I was saying was, it seems unfair that in that particular thread it:

A) Got a good rating
B) Two people thanked me within the thread (but didn't add to rep)

but unfortunately

C) Two people gave me bad reputation with no explanation

Just my thoughts.


Yeah I know what you mean greenfeld. I think what you have to remember is that things will even themselves out over time. Even if some people are just fooling around the real value of your postings will be represented in the end. Sort of the way real life goes too
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