Can you not see it here: ]http//ww…php

When you scroll down and click the thread, I think it just about shows you?

Rocky wants to see who.

We don't show anyone that for a few reasons. Tit-for-tat is the same one. We don't want people to feel bad about giving reputation in any way so it's anonymous. It's not in the spirit of things to name the people, but you can see what posts the person thought was helpful.

Ducky I know that! The links in the list show you which thread it was in...

What is Reputation Balance? I've noticed some people thank me and I get a Green Rep box next to the Comment, and some people thank me and I get a Dark Grey box next to the Comment?


The grey comes from a person who has no rep, and they cannot affect your rep. The green comes from someone with rep, who can make your rep go up or down.

Thanks for the info ]emmajk42.
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