Couldnt you then just delete your post?

Sorry OP - do you mean actually changing the way you have voted?
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This idea doesn't fly.

Leave your vote, and move on.


Why vote before the deal has been confirmed or revealed in the first place?


Why vote before the deal has been confirmed or revealed in the first … Why vote before the deal has been confirmed or revealed in the first place?

It makes sense to wait but there's no denying plenty of people do it,with that in mind a vote retraction would be useful although it depends if those voting hot early on would use it.


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Yes the way you vote, by increasing or decreasing the percentage a deal gets

Deals would have been made hot and then later, turn out to be completely rubbish or sometimes not even happen at all, some people are too quick with the old clicky finger

by giving the user only one retraction the deal percentage would be correctly changed

In short, some people may be influenced by the heat of the deal and go ahead and purchase without reading the whole of the thread, who would want to go through pages & pages to view good/bad recommendations
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or just don't vote until you know if its a good deal or not?


Don't think this would work out, as above really. It would also possibly overcomplicate a simple process, votes always balance out and members shouldn't really be voting eitherway without checking the deal is accurate / valid and a good price. It could encourage "sheep" like behaviour and that wouldn't be healthy for the forum

amazon black friday was HOT.....then everyone realised it was cack and it became cold....

the truth prevails i tellz ya.

although ppl who post local deals like 'i bought some bread reduced to half price n my local cornershop' should get mod slap visits

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Cheers folks, was only an idea lol

Don't see why you can't change your vote and why it would be a problem, instead of the hot / cold / lukewarm being shaded out, it could just shade out your choice, leaving you free to click another option (ie if voted hot, cold and lukewarm would still be lit, if you then changed to cold, hot and lukewarm would still be lit)

Good idea IMO

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Thanks John
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