Would HUKD consider making a kind of consumer strikes back forum with … Would HUKD consider making a kind of consumer strikes back forum with regard to collecting and sharing information and even possibly setting up a database to show how good sites are on orders etc, who lets who down the most etc.

Depends what form you are thinking...flesh it out a bit. Do you mean just comments or something more?

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Comments, polls, with reveal-all with complete openness to information about a company type theads per retailer highlighting abuses and bad CS from said retailer, providing solutions, helping to get decent service from a retailer instead of just the typical market attitude of "use someone else"

I did suggest a feedback forum. The mobile threads were really a start to this (see Misc forum or my sig if you don't know what I mean). Is that the kind of idea you had in mind??

Isn't such service already provided by dooyoo? Also, I found that many retailers are getting lots of negative marks because those who have problems complaining about it (and rightly so) while those who had no issues with the same retailer are normally silent.

I agree with Kommunist on this and there are a lot of review sites too. Ciao, Dooyoo, which are dedicated to this kind of feedback.

I still like to see each retailer discussed in the thread where the product or deal is [good or bad]. That way experiences are current and up to date and can be related to the actual deal and company offering it.
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