Works fine here. How are you trying to view it?

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using firefox feed reader

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ok it seems to be working after restarting firefox!

Ok. It seems to be empty though now? It was full before. Did you change your preferences?

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i added wii and it removed my shops:S

Hmmm I'll take a look, one sec...

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yer i had

asda argos play.com game
gamestation and some others they gone walkies lol

You've taken them out of your prefs though right? What is currently listed if you go to Deal Alerts?

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i just have wii:(

shall i try and readd them shops see what happenes

Nope it should work, can you force refresh it? I changed mine to just wii and at first it was empty and then I force refreshed it and it populated.

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lol no ill add them again

i reloaded live bookmark and refreshed deal alert page no luck

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Started a new thread !

listing repeats in merchant list

Can you try again? Take all your merchants out and just keep the "wii" tag.

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its not loading anything

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ok ill try

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ow hangon its all loaded i just tryed reloading again anditas worked !

maybe take acouple of mins to update

I'm loading your feed here and it's populated. Can you try refreshing?

Ah ok. Great! Glad it's working.

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look at my thread about repeated merchants please

i like to help keep site clean any you on your toes!

Here Antj87, just for you :giggle: :whistling: :whistling:



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thanks acctuall need a new vacume !

Please help -

In very simple terms what the hell do I have to do to get RSS feeds etc, where do they appear, I have several listings now but don't have any reader things, I don't really want another toolbar.

Can you just point me in the direction of a good reader thingy...software. I have seen loads of pages about them but the choice is too much and I don't want to be downloading a lot of spyware or popup thingies to pay for looking at RSS feeds.

I know I know, I could ask my kids to do it but I have a reputation to uphold here.

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easyist way and the best browser to use is

1 for adblock
2 for rss feeds:P

some 1 a bit more knoleddge can help out!
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