Is This any use?


That's the one I've posted before you ducky :roll:


Oh, I thought it was just a sarcastic comment. :lol:

I'm never sarcastic ducky!


Unless I have to be lol

LOL. "Is This any use?" just sounded like you were saying "What's the point?", that's all.

No that's not me :roll: there's no tone in typing



Hijacked this thread and making it look like an RSS feed :lol:


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Sorry haven't seen this before. Firefox doesn't show RSS feed on HUKD unlike some other sites Is there any way to access this feed from standard RSS reader in FF?

If you put that url into a standard RSS reader it will pull it in ok. I'm not sure how the FF reader works as I've never used it. I pull it in ok in my external reader.


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If FF detects RSS, then in shows RSS symbol in status line. Double-clicking on this symbol will add RSS feed to FF. Unfortunately there is no way (or maybe it is just me being plain stupid?) to add RSS feed manually.


Ive just added it succsesfully in firefox v. manually, click on "Bookmarks" --> "Manage Bookmarks" --> "File" --> "New Live Bookmark" --> "Name" = UKHD --> "Feed Location" = hotukdeals.com/bac…php --> "ok"

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Thanks for that! Did the same and it works Have a Karma!

This works really well, thanks Razta!



Post-whore/bargain hunter/i dunno

rofl @ post-whore!!

Should I laugh or cry? hehe [or should that be hoho :roll:]

I've been called some things befo' but never a ho'


Poppy10, how come your Firefox is all jazzed up with different colours?

You can get skins for it to change the appearance from



Poppy10, how come your Firefox is all jazzed up with different colours?

I use the excellent Colorful Tabs extension (here) - makes a surprisingly large difference to ease of browsing with lots of tabs open.

The Cute Menus extension adds colourful cutesy icons to all the options in the menus.

And I use the pretty Phoenity skin.

Nice if you like lots of jazzy bright colours!

Thanks a lot, have a karma you two!

I would recommend the firefox Sage extension for RSS feeds: addons.mozilla.org/ext…fox

You can use it to highlight which deals you have seen and which you haven't, just like in an email reader. I've got my HotUKDeals coming up in there!
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