Does it work for your account when you use a computer? I will add this issue to the queue, thanks for taking the time to report it.

(meep whir eep) This bug has been added to the development queue.

The RSS feeds work fine on all of the mobiles in the office, I think this is specifically related to Symbian 3 (Your phone's operating system). The only information I could find about any problem on Symbian about RSS feeds is a program called Fring sometimes messes them up. Let me know if any of this fixed your problem! Thank you.

Apologies for the bump but same here on a C7. Seems the S^3 browser is picky and wants the file to end in .xml for it to be a valid feed.

Any way to directly link to the xml file as opposed to the SEO version we have here? Would love to see some HUKD on my homescreen!

Yeah I have the same problem with the N8

I've added this back into the queue, with the new information. Thanks for being more specific guys!

I've added a provision to our RSS feeds so that you may put .xml at the end of them and they will still work as intended. However you're going to have to do it manually on your phones. Please let me know if that works! I don't have access to any Nokia phones to test it. Thanks, and Rest Easy, Citizens.
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