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anyone know?

What RSS reader are you using? You'd need to change the settings in that rather than HUKD... so to help we'd have to know the RSS reader your using. There should be instructions on the website.

If you can't change the settings in the RSS reader then the only other option might be an alternative reader.

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I'm using ]feedreader. There's a setting for the number of articles to be kept in the feed archive but I can't see anything about retrieving x number of articles.

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:whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

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someone must know

I found this article under Tuning Feedreader with advanced configuration options


There are following configuration options:

viewcount=number - By default Feedreader displays only 1000 first items in item view. Items are limited because of performance reasons. You can change this number to be bigger or smaller.
webviewcount=number - By default feedreader displays only 100 first items if you are using Web view (Alt+3). If you would like to change this number bigger or smaller then input in configuration file new number (for example webviewcount=200)

If that does not assist you, you may want to put up a post in the feedreader forum, feedreader.com/forum

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thanks for looking that up but none of those settings seem to change the number of items retrieved from the feed.

What RSS reader is everyone else using?

I use the one built into Thunderbird (my email program). Lots of email progarms have this now... an addon which lets you receive RSS items just like emails, and they go into a separate email account!

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Does it pull all the updates since you last checked or does it just pull the last 20?


Does it pull all the updates since you last checked or does it just pull … Does it pull all the updates since you last checked or does it just pull the last 20?

It brings all since you last checked like an email inbox would. You set it up like an email account and they arrive and you can open them and take a look, delete, move them to folders or whatever you want.

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thanks, will give it a whirl

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hmm, thunderbird seems to pull the last 20 items as well. Can I ask what rss link you're using?

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strange, doesn't seem to work for me. Only pulls the first 20 items each time - which is the same as the number of items on the first page, so maybe that has something to do with it?
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