It will only work with tags keywords and not absolutely any keyword. Does that make sense? I know it's not quite what you are looking for...

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Tags? Aren't these just preset keywords, i.e more could be added to the list?
Can you define what you mean by 'tags keywords' please Edi?
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I'm not edi but hope you don't mind if I answer

Tags can be added by anyone to a deal and you can create as many as you want. However, someone would need to add the selected tag to a deal for it to come up in your feed.

Let's say you wanted to make a tag for "Dell Dimension", you would just tag any deal with that tag and it would show up in your RSS feed if you selected the "Dell Dimension" tag there. If you had a group together you could all subscribe to that feed and help each other by tagging any deal you found with that tag.

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:oops: Sorry Edi...
I think I get it now, tis a shame we can't base it on the title though.:-(
It kinda relies on people putting the appropriate tags in their offers, but very useful like you say if there's a group who agree to tag things in a certain way.
While we're on topic, is there anyway of RSS/Email subscribing to a particular thread without subscribing to all those you click on?

So who wants to start an RSS group then?:thumbsup:
Any deals we think are of interest to our RSS groupies (sounds bad if you say it too fast:giggle:) we tag with toastie or something similiar, so we get instant alerts. Who's up for it?

Yup you can make a group based on anything and tag with a specified tag. Or if you just want hot deals set a temperature level for your RSS feed and then only deals voted over that temperature will show up in your feed.

This is all in Deal Alerts by the way.

As for subscribing by RSS to a specific thread, I am in Firefox and if I click on the live bookmarks/RSS icon in the url bar it gives me an RSS feed just for this thread (at least it's titled that, I haven't fully tested it).
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