Are you using RSS Hot or RSS All?

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I am pretty sure I WAS using Hot. When it stopped feeding me I reconfigured to use a customised feed, so using: hotukdeals.com/rss…ter (hmm, do I need to use an HTTP login to use the custom feed?)

And this feed has the preferences set to blank (i.e. All) for Forums / Category / Merchant / Tags
Filtering - everything is ticked apart from expired
Viewing preferences, sorted by Hot

I don't think I'll be much help (as not techie can't even recall how I signed up!) but I've been getting RSS feeds HotUKDeals and MoneySavingExpert.com daily. Do you have free software AVG installed on your computer? If so you might have denied access to the feed update?

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Argh... hair ripping session is now over!

JetBrains Omea Reader - the RSS reader I've been using for a dozen separate feeds for the past 6 months was timing out on this feed, and one other (that stopped working at beginning of last week), but working fine for the other 10 feeds so I had pretty much ruled it out in the troubleshooting. I'd even tried removing the feeds and re-adding and was still getting time outs!

Looks like they have a bug - I've just removed the feeds, quit it, restarted it, re-added the feeds and now it's running fine... grrrrr!!!

Thanks for the help Admin & berni, should've tried switching it off and back on again first

I always like the easy fixes
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