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As an enhancement would it be possible that rss feeds are created for the different menu options so I could have Vouchers & Hot or Deals & New. I imagine this could be created dynamically for each option?

I'm not sure, Admin would need to answer that one... but why would you need more than one RSS feed anyway? Would a second custom tab suffice?

I would love a second custom tab myself * hint * hint *

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Would be nice to have a second custom tab, but the reason for different RSS feeds is so that I can see all new deals, vouchers and freebies together on google instead of just all new deals. Its not that important just a nice to have, I imagine creating a second custom would be of more use to the general users on here.

Custom RSS feeds are a great idea however there's a slight problem in that when you view it you only get the title of the item followed by "Found by , ". Is there any chance of changing this to include the description as I like to be able to read a bit about it before I click?
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