Can you possibly post a screenshot of the things in your ]custom alert page?

In case you don't know how, press print screen on your keyboard, paste it into an image editor, save the file to your PC, then upload to imageshack and post the link here.

Maybe we can help

You cannot do what you have asked - this is a limitation of the custom tab (rss feed).

Hmmm yeah, I see what you mean Gary, you can really only have one or the other.

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I am trying this configuration:


I would like to see RSS feeds only for:

* All type of deals in Travel

* Freebies of all categories

I can't access HOTUKDEALS all day and the general RSS comes with tousands of posts that are not interesting to me... (Reaches 1000 very quickly) And I end up losing good deals.

In my opinion, this site is very good and was very well developed, but the RSS configurations are a shame. Any noob blog can have better options to RSS.

Maybe the only solution is to have a different user created in the forum for each RSS that I want...

Which would be against the forum rules and get you banned...

So unless admin would agree you are out of luck currently!

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May be the admin has a spare time to fix this issue...



May be the admin has a spare time to fix this issue...:thinking:

It would be the Developer.

And i would not hold your breath.
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