No, you don't need vBulletin. That's just our forum software.

The easiest way to do it is RSS --> Javascript, however this isn't search engine friendly so if you're planning on using it to boost your traffic then this isn't the right option.

Just for starters...


The only way to do it to enhance your SEO is to do it with PHP, which requires some space on a server somewhere to run.

Full details can be found here:

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Thanx for the reply!
I have about 2TB space left lol.
Sure i will get it working soon enough!

Good good. Good luck with your venture.

I might go and add HUKD RSS to my site too now lol.

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hmm looking at it do you know where the xml file is?
hotukdeals.com/rss…hot doesnt give an xml it gives a url???

Configuration change #1:
Find the following line of code: $XMLfilename = "sample.xml"; Change it to: $XMLfilename = "Your-RSS-Feed-Link";

Hmmm help!
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