Must say I have always thought this myself and very much agree with your suggestions

Ue Google - site:hotukdeals.com "then search string here"



Ue Google - site:www.hotukdeals.com "then search string here"

how does that 'sort by heat' or filter by price?

HUKD your search function is rubbish.

+1,worst search on any site ive ever used!

I posted what I thought was a new deal but another member pointed out via a link that it had already been posted. I've searched for it since and still can't find it!!!!

It is truly the worst search i have encountered on any website. Sort it out hotukdeals.

Must say I gotta agree. Great site... very poor search facility.

+1 it's always nice to find what your looking for when searching... though I lost my phone a week ago...............

I'm still searching for my third flamedeer!

Isn't really much point making suggestions to improve the site around here, they're always ignored, even if they'd be easily implemented and have a lot of merit

But yeah, this site's search has been **** for years now, don't see it ever getting fixed.
Wish they focused on improving that rather than this newer site revision which is still buggy, ugh.


People also assume that others have searched for deals before they post. However it's really difficult to find things. By the time you;ve spent 10 minutes searching someone else will probably post the deal anyway.

It has been rubbish for ages now, but never gets sorted

I also agree and find it v annoying when you do search and it brings up the expired ones, would be good if you were searching for vouchers when it then brings your results you could then chose all, expired or active, if that makes sense?! x

Yeah the search is crap... shame.. great site!

Have to agree, a website of this magnitude, yet such a crappy search. Searching multiple terms yields just one of the words, resulting in lots of results.

Really is poor, maybe the "Search" feature was programmed by the same amateur to has done the "Fakedeer" competition...

Haha so its not just me then

Totally agree.
I raised something similar a while ago esp the lack of sorting features.
HotUk needs to move to a standarised forum design where sorting and searching are better implemented. To be fair, HotUK does some things quite well (i.e. quick access via tabs and improvements to feedback) but there is room for improvement and should be function over form.
The mods do read but people power is the way to go. Could there not be a simple feedback poll on the homepage to measure opinions as a start?

Can any one tell me why i can`t start a new post,here "feedback" part

We are looking into improving the quality of the search.


We are looking into improving the quality of the search.

Are you looking for constructive feedback on how to improve searching and filtering deals? And what sort of time line do you have?

Constructive feedback is always appreciated. I cant say for certain when the search is going to be updated. Since its a fairly important feature of the site it is going to take longer to update than something of lesser significance.

If you haven't already done so, try using the advanced search tool (link is next to the search box) and use the filters if possible, it seems to work a lot better.

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Was just wondering why has this not been addressed at all?! There's time to update the look and feel when there was nothing wrong with the old one but the standard filters are still rubbish....there's still loads of 50p tesco deals which you can't just get rid of in a default view of some sort.
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