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HI, some of the help / guidance links for HUKD. Generally speaking we only allow established UK based companies, although allowances will always be made for merchants who have a strong reputation with our members.


If the retailer is already an approved HUKD merchant then we would also allow ebay / marketplace deal listings for them


If they are not an approved HUKD merchant then ebay sellers should generally be UK based business sellers with accrued positive feedback in excess of 1,000 (check their ebay profile page as some nonUK ebay sellers may list 'London' for example on their listing page but their correct nonUK location on their profile page). Further discussion on ebay deal criteria can be found here :


Amazon Marketplace sellers (not 'fullfilled by Amazon' but selling direct) should generally be UK based, and as a guideline they should normally have an accrued feedback rating of around 95% or more and have accumulated over 1,000 sales feedbacks.

The same would apply to other marketplace sites eg playtrade, ebid etc.

We don't allow direct or indirect self promotion / referrals on HUKD - further info :


We do review ebay / marketplace / new retailer listings and if the thread is removed for any reason then the deal poster should get a PM if it was removed by a member of the MOD team providing the reason for removal. If any member wants to discuss why their deal was removed further then they can then use the contact link :


Hopefully that provides general guidance on deal criteria.

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