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" Posts with referral ids or self promotion are not allowed on the forums. "pleas add to this statement

unless it allows the management are making a few quid on the side.

why pass this site off as being holier than thou when it is clearly profiteering from the customers.

"HUKD users don't post just so they can make money for themselves, they post because they want to share deals with other people"

no they are not allowed to as the management have banned it because they want all the money for themselves.

its a shame you have tried to pass yourselves off as a being like a community service when clearly you are profiteering from the site, which i have no problem with, but its a the devious way youv'e gone about it.
especially adding others posts to yours to grab the commission

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i see your on first name terms with admin!!!!!!!!!
i wonder why

duckmagic - I actually asked iancompton if he could post in the forum as it is a question of general public interest (even though as you say it has been discussed before).

As for why duckmagicuk2 is on first name terms with me, well he is a mod so I would hope he knows who I am! All the mods and most active members know my name. I would assume that if you became a part of the forum also that you would know it too

As for your points...

I don't think the question should be framed in terms of profit, unless we are discussing whether profit is evil or good in itself. The real question is does the profit influence (a) the information you receive here or (b) your ability to act on that information.

Regarding point (a), I would confidently say that no the affiliate links we use do not influence the information we post on this site, it's not the philosophy of the site and it's certainly not the kind of site I would run. There are few checks and balances on this, the first one being that the only thing that attracts readers here is the quality of the information. If we posted crummy deals no one would come and that is obviously not in the "economical self-interest" of the site. The second is that the historical record actually indicates that HUKD has chosen deals over profit several times. We are not a member of some affiliate programs because we do not censor some of their offerings, we also post deals that do not have affiliate links which indicates profit may not be the first things we are aiming for.

The second point is does the site restrict your ability to act on the information within. Again I would say no. In fact this is the point I tried to make with you earlier. HUKD does not censor mention of other sites or ways to increase your savings (within legality and reason). You are free to mention "competitor" sites and members are free to gain cashback at whatever site they so desire. As I've pointed out repeatedly there is in fact a sticky post at the top of the Hot Deals forum with links to rpoints, greasypalm, linemypocket etc.

The situation can be roughly summed up with an analogy (including why we don't allow referral links/self interest posts). If you pick up a consumer report magasine you expect to read fair and balanced reviews of consumer items. Within the magasine there are ads ("links") to merchants and products yet you understand that the editorial team and writers maintain a professional distance from these merchants. Again, it is in their interest to write fair reviews or no one would buy the magasine for a reference/resource. Now if all those merchants were allowed to write their own articles do you think the magasine would be useful? or would it be full of biased and skewed information intended to deceive the consumer? That is what happens when someone with self-interest writes an article about themselves or a product or service they will gain from.

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I have no problem with you making a profit, but the way you put across the site it certainly doesnt make this clear.
quite the opposite in fact, using your magazine analogy the main reason for the magazine is to make a profit mainly through advertising and sales,why do you think that the writers get to keep the items and get free promo gear. same with doctors have a look at the promo goods in their offices pens , note pads all bribes fro companys.

just believe that this should be made clear on the site offers that they are affiliate links.

Does it make a difference to your pocket ian?

Or to your quality of life in any way?

Just curious

Personally I'd think it was a massive waste of resources if the owners of such a site weren't getting something back from the work they do here, running a website isn't free you know.

Maybe if they were taking money out of the members pockets, then it would be obligatory to let them know.

How do you expect someone to run a site for free ?

I enjoy coming onto this site daily, it has saved me a fortune over the last year or so, and I hope I have helped by posting a good few deals of my own for other people to benefit.

If you don't like the rules, go back to R-Points !!!

I'd also just like to take this opportunity to say "Well Done" to Paul & the other mods for keeping this site as it is today, and an even bigger congratulations to the ever increasing (thankful) members who make this site what it is today !!

not only is it free, but they've just given away, completely free £5 vouchers to people that post deals, and it's not the first time either

not to mention the prizes for the hduk bingo (i can't play fridays! i want a chocolate fountain!)

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the reason i said about this was because it is not made clear that the reason they banned affiliate links is because it affected their cash flow and after a sanctimonious pm saying that we are doing it for the good of the community, to find out it was complete rot and the reason was because they were making money from the bonuses.

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"I enjoy coming onto this site daily, it has saved me a fortune over the last year or so, and I hope I have helped by posting a good few deals of my own for other people to benefit. "

perhaps instead of saving yourself money you could have made yourself money on commission. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on top of what you saved.

ahem - Use quidco !!

Stop bitching anyway Mr Compton - chill out & make your own site if you want to rake in the referrals !!!!

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I'd also just like to take this opportunity to say "Well Done" to Paul & the other mods for keeping this site as it is today, and an even bigger congratulations to the ever increasing (thankful) members who make this site what it is today !!

i would rather constructively point out that the site was not being informative in passing on the information about how it operates.
unlike your response above , i never knew a tongue could fit down a fibre optic wire!, well you learn something new every day.
good luck in trying to kiss arse yourself into a position of being a moderator perhaps they will slip you a five pound amazon voucher for being a good labrador

iancompton all I can say is that I think you're missing the point quite spectacularly and that the attitude which you are displaying is probably not best fit for the forums here.

I also think you should be more polite in how you address other members...but again I think that just comes to the fact that HUKD is not the best place for you.

I think this could have been a good 'debate' but by asking iancompton to make it 'public' he was bound to get 'hit' by all the HDUK supporters.
I partly understand his point but I'm happy with the way things work on here. If I'm told about, say a mobile phone offer I'll google the phone, company and the best way/amount of cashback I can get. The ideas are here and that is what I like and use. I know how websites work and how much they cost to keep going and 'advertising support' is a big part of it.

I don't think because he used a few 'choice' words in the heat of the moment is a good reason to stop him posting, but then again it ain't out to do with me.

Points taken dinosteveus. I asked iancompton to make it public because his main accusation rests on the fact that HUKD is deceiving members or withholding information from them. I'd prefer to have a debate about that in public rather than private.

He has not been stopped from posting. However, in every part of the forum I do expect members to treat each other with a certain amount of respect. That is the same situation which came up lately in the Littlewoods thread. We can have massive debates on widely differing viewpoints but all I ask is that personal name calling and slander is avoided.

Back to the topic on hand I think the point has been clearly made that iancompton is less worried about a disclaimer saying that HUKD is supported through affiliate links and more concerned that people who are posting here are not doing so out of self-interest. The reason personal affiliate links are banned on HUKD is because people will not post in a forum without bias if they have a personal financial interest in that post. Thus, it is not explicitly affiliate links that are banned, but any link to a site that you have a personal interest in.

I think anyone who has any experience with internet messsage boards, newsgroups, forums etc. will know this is quite a standard rule and for good reason.

iancompton would like to make this rule into an issue about how HUKD makes money and on top of that would like members to go to his site of choice, rpoints, where you can get commission for making a deal post. I think our position is clearly outlined above. If a member chooses to believe that the information they receive on HUKD is poor then that is the decision that needs to be made.

And that's about all I have to say on the subject. I think my longer post above lays out the issue well.

Morning Admin,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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