I agree on this. My scans always come out HUGE. As a result, I have a scanner here which I can't be bothered to use.

Andy, have your tried a lower colour or resolution setting?

Pinging Rayman He's the man with the magic touch...

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I have altereed the resolution but to no avail !

I guess pinging Rayman may help... but how do i do that ???

Thanks again


He's usually everywhere in a couple of minutes I'm sure he'll drop by the thread soon, or you could search for his username and send him a PM.

[color=darkblue]Sorry I took so long to reply :roll:

To reduce the size of a scanned image, you should be able to use the software that comes with your scanner.

If it's just to send in an e-mail, the first change might be to reduce the real measurement [millimetres or inches], for example: A4 down to say 5" x 3". The setting you need to reduce next, usually comes with your image editing program. If you can find the "Save As" options, choose .jpg or .jpeg file as the extension. If the image isn't already a jpeg, you can convert it to jpeg [again usually in the software], or find a free to download image converter. To change the amount of space the image takes up on the web or on your hard drive, you'll need to alter the compression ratio. Most software measures the compression ratio by percentage. So if you want the file to be smaller, you choose a lower percentage. To get the best image at the most compression, can be a bit hit + miss at first. Remember that all the time you lower the percentage, the image quality will also be affected. If you can get an image file down to about 180kb, it shouldn't look too bad on most monitors. Scanning resolution should also be set to around 100ppi [pixels per inch]. For our scans, I use 150ppi + compress the jpeg down to about 13% of the original.

You could also download a free compression program [which I haven't used for a while, so not sure of the best free one at the moment]. Here's one though:[/color] [color=blue]CLICK HERE[/color]

[color=darkblue]On saying that, some scanners come with a user interface that allows you to choose those settings before you scan. The Epson Perfection range has a very easy to use interface + you can pre-set more than just resolution, jpeg compression + physical size.

I hope that helps![/color]


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Cheers Rayman.

I will give it a go later and see what i can do with my software.

Much thanks again for the good work

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