Never heard of them before, but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, no one is going to sell the Wii at the moment for £30 less than RRP and the domain was only registered a week ago.

Don't go there is my sage advice.

I agree, never heard of them either and if it looks too good etc. then it probably is...

Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way kramvic

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Thanks for the prompt replies,was worth a shot but didn't know it had only just been registered. Also saw somebody else on ebay selling 1 for £100 + £7.50 del. and it states that it was aquired by one of those referral sites and he just wanted to make a quick return from nothing basically. I should think to stay well clear of these cheapies too considering the others on ebay are going for well over double that + p+p.
Thanks again.

consolefever.co.uk must be very new. Could not find anything on google about them.

Not much info on Google but there is some sort of physical address

Read this on another forum. I got as far as emailing them

Hi you lot,

This thread is intended as a warning for anyone who has seen the link to the above website ([url]www.consolefever.co.uk[/url]) via the Amazon homepage.

When looking through the site I have noticed a couple of things which don't add up & I'd much rather you were aware of the possible pitfalls before contacting them.

Firstly, the website states that they have Wii IN STOCK - but gives no opportunity to actually order one, instead a mobile phone number is supplied (0700 5947 366) which you then have to call & all you get is the voicemail. Does this sound a little shady?

Now, consider also the fact that the console costs £149.99 inc VAT & delivery, which is a total of £176.24 (since their terms & conditions page states that delivery is FREE to most of the UK) & you can begin to understand my concerns...

So, we know this website apparently HAS wii in stock, BUT, we ALSO know that you CAN'T just order one, no. Instead you either have to ring a mobile number (wtf?!?) & leave a message OR you can email them (also provided on the site). Does it strike anyone as strange that someone would offer an in-demand item such as this for LESS than the RRP? AND include FREE delivery? Load of ******** if you ask me.

Just to confirm (in case anyone still harbours a desire to do business with this site) - I checked the website owner & registrant details via WHOIS, and here's the Copy & Paste from their result:

Domain name:

Console Fever

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Registrant's agent:
Pipex Communications UK Ltd t/a 123-Reg.co.uk [Tag = 123-REG]
URL: 123-reg.co.uk

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 08-Jan-2007
Renewal date: 08-Jan-2009
Last updated: 08-Jan-2007

Registration status:
Registration request being processed.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 11:37:44 11-Jan-2007[/color]

...notice that the site's only a couple of days old? AND that he's a "non-trading" individual?

Until more feedback & concrete details can be ascertained, I'd say: Stay well away from this one!

Stay well away all

Where is this on the Amazon home page Deal4me? This is pretty clearly a scam.

Im not sure, like I said, I read this off a different forum, I copied and pasted the info for you guys, basically, just stay away!

Here's a link to a forum with some more info on this scam site:

These scumbags needs to be locked up for trying to con people's hard earned money!!!:x

Hello I also found a link to this website on yahoo when i did a search for wII consoles. I have sent several emails asking about there £149.99 bargain but they never reply so i was also very suspicious of this site.

Thanks dawnmace Welcome to HUKD !

According to ICTIS the number:- is provided by PNC Telecom Services Limited

and according to PNC:- Manage multiple 0700 numbers online and change their 'target' landline or mobile numbers 24/7

Somebody needs to complain to PNC and or ICTIS.

The 0700 isn't a mobile number, it's a number forwarding service - from one of the sites:
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Free divert to any UK land line or mobile.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Free FAX TO EMAIL Service.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Free divert to international destinations.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Free divert to other non-geo numbers.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gifUntraceable lifetime 2nd number.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Keep your private numbers private.
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif Greater protection, privacy and peace of mind!
http://0700.uk2numbers.co.uk/IMG/arrow_blue.gif No bills, No contracts, No line rental.

Notice the untraceable and private parts. It also costs around 14ppm minute during the day and 8ppm evening and weekends.

Emailed them to ask if I could pick the console up from Bristol (their apparent address according to the site) and had no reply yet, funnily enough i'm not expecting one!


Never heard of them before, but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, no … Never heard of them before, but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, no one is going to sell the Wii at the moment for £30 less than RRP and the domain was only registered a week ago.Don't go there is my sage advice.

Oh that's a few 'outlandish' facts to state.

Maybe you could answer a few of my questions, like -

'How do you know who has recently started an on-line business'?

'What's wrong selling below the RRP anyway, if he bought a bulk load, he probably got a good price and wants to offload them quick'

'So what if he only registered his domain name last week, he is jumping on the bandwagon like every other online store, to supply the hungry customer'

The way I see things is very straight forward, I would think this guy has got hold of a shipment that was 'HOT' and he now wants to shift them quick. By offering them cheaper than anyone else does not loose him money as they probably did not cost that much in the first place. I say give the guy a chance, you will get a cheap Wii, the 'Old Bill' will feel his collar and then come around to your place and collect the proceeds of his ill gain. What have you got to loose but your cheap investment which was cheaper than the real ones and the experience of being 'HAD'

Go on, give it a go.....:giggle: I dare you :w00t:

If the stuff was hot you would have though he would sell it on ebay, there is a ready market there and no one is likely to question where he got them as long as they arrive.

I think Crazy1 is just playing devil's advocate. There's no way it's legitimate in any way and if it is stolen then that doesn't make it any more probable that it is legitimate!!

Stay away from the site. I think we may just remove this thread because the last thing I want is for someone to visit and then get tempted.


I think we may just remove this thread because the last thing I want is … I think we may just remove this thread because the last thing I want is for someone to visit and then get tempted.

Good idea :thumbsup:

I think the thread should stay, I know I googled the name when I was looking into it and found nothing...this thread should now (or soon) show up in google so will hopefully help lots of others who were tempted!

Maybe Admin could edit the first post and put a big message in bold to make it clear to avoid this site, I think most people coming from google would see that and avoid like the plague!

The site does not resolve for me... (OpenDNS)
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